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About Us



Meet our founders, Robert & Janelle Blalock, both from right here in the Pacific North West. 


Robert worked for multi-national pest control companies as well as small locally owned companies for many years beginning in 1990. During that time, he learned more about what not to do and strived to do the job right the first time -- something his employers never seemed to understand. So, in 2015, Robert decided that if he wanted things done right, he'd have to venture out on his own and thus Rural Pest Solutions NW (to later be shortened to Beeline Pest Services) was born. 

Janelle soon left her government job and joined Robert's vision of a pest control company that puts customers over profits where she filled a vital position of Lead Tech.

Together, Robert and Janelle have built Beeline Pest Services into a business that, unlike their competition, strives to put customer care over profits. Beeline quickly gained a reputation for being honest, having integrity, and being open about the tricks and slight of hands occurring within the pest control industry all to often. Because of this, Beeline has built a client list comprising of residential customers (including entire generations), commercial clients, and government contracts -- all without advertising and through word of mouth only. Why? Because their business stands on its own. 

Call Beeline Pest Services today and don't just become a customer, join our family. 

Robert, Co-Owner
Janelle, Co-Owner

Our Core Values


Your safety
comes first

Beeline Pest Services takes the health and safety of our customers, their children, and their pets seriously. We only use products when and where absolutely needed and work closely with customers to resolve pest issues without placing anyone in harms way by using safer, low-risk products.

Professional & reliable team of experts

At Beeline, pest control isn't just what we do, it's who we are. Acting and appearing in a professional manner should always be a part of the job. This includes a professional appearance, communicating with customers, knowledge in what we are doing, and treating everyone with the utmost of respect. 

State of the art  equipment

At Beeline, we use a combination of old school techniques and the latest state of the art technology to combat pests. There's a time and a place for the newest, shiniest toys but it's always good old experience that gets the job done right -- the first time.

Personalised service with service record

Not all pest issues are the same, so then why do most pest control companies use the same products and techniques on every customer? Beeline will create a personalized service plan based on your unique needs -- and this plan will change as your needs change. Then, we'll provide a competed workorder detailing everything we've done and even include shiny color pictures!

customer service

Let's face it, without our customers we wouldn't be here. Robert has retired twice, only to come back for our customers. This is only possible because we strongly believe in amazing customer service -- something that seems to be a thing of the past. And we always do it with a smile on our face.

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