Common Insects

Home, Sweet Home. That’s the way we want to feel about our home all the time. Unfortunately, pests can really disturb our comfortable surroundings and even threaten our home’s structure and integrity. 

We provide safe and effective control over thousands of different crawling insects. 

Spider Control

Spiders can fit through nearly any entry you give them. Under the doors, through tears in your window screen or by hitching a ride on you, a pet, or a piece of firewood you’ve brought in from outside. Our exclusive Spider Service will get these creepy crawlies under control -- GUARANTEED. 

Rodent Control

Mice and rats are destructive, filthy creatures. Some may think they’re cute and harmless, but they can eat through drywall, insulation and electrical wiring. They spread diseases, from rat-bite fever to Bubonic plague. They contaminate food and trigger allergies. Call Beeline to evict these unwanted critters once and for all. 

Wasp & Hornet

Bothersome wasps can turn your summer patio parties and backyard entertaining into a nightmare. Beeline Pest Services can return things to normal and ensure you have more enjoyable outdoor evenings with friends and family.

Flea & Tick

Fleas and ticks are more than an itchy nuisance, they can spread disease and cause infections to your family and furry friends. We use an all natural approach to control -- one you can count on.


When dealing with pests, we know how to inspect. Using the most current technologies, we’ll identify potential and current hot spots throughout your home or building, then provide you with a full report and recommendations including a treatment plan specially created for you.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs aren’t just limited to your bed anymore. They’ve infiltrated office buildings, hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, and public transportation. Bed bugs are tough to eradicate. Due to the difficulty in treating bed bugs, entomologists recommend using professional pest control services. That’s where Beeline comes in. Our certified bedbug professionals are here to help you.

Much More..!

From cockroach control to mosquito control and everything in between, Beeline Pest Services has your home, yard, and business covered. Contact us for details.

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