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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Areas Do You Service?
    Beeline Pest Services -- not to be confused with Beeline Pest Control located in Texas and Utah -- services most of Western Washington including the following counties: * King County to Seattle * Pierce County * Thurston County * Lewis County including Packwood * Cowlitz County to Castle Rock
  • How Much Does Pest Control Cost?
    Pest control prices vary widely depending on the type and frequency of service being provided. At Beeline Pest Services, we strive to keep costs as low as possible while still providing the best possible service and while using the best possible products available to us. We do offer a number of different discounts, so don't be afraid to ask if you may qualify for one. And remember, you're not just paying for the service being provided on your service date, you're also paying for the protection the service provides during your warranty period -- think of it as an insurance plan.
  • Is Pest Control Safe?
    Pest control products are safer now than ever before. By using products designed to target specific pests, there's no longer the need to "hose down" an entire home inside and out. Instead, we target the specific pest(s) bothering you using specialized products in precise locations. However, not all products are safe around all people or pets. There may be times when we ask if anyone in the household has a medical condition that may be effected by certain products, in this case be honest so that we can change products if need be. In other cases, pet birds, fish, or reptiles may need to be vacated from a treated area for their safety.
  • Do You Use All-Natural Products?
    Beeline Pest Services has partnered with NatureCide to offer the best "all-natural" products on the market to date. However, "all-natural" products are still in their infancy and don't always work as well as promised. Some of the drawbacks to "all-natural" products is the lack of residual control -- most only last a few weeks at best, most don't have the same range of control -- leaving many pests unfazed, and they are more expensive -- often times costing double that of standard products. So in short: You spend more for far less.
  • What's Your Guarantee?
    Beeline Pest Services stands by our work with a simple guarantee: If the pests return (between regularly scheduled services) then so do we, for FREE. It's really just that simple.
  • How Long Does Your Products Really Last?
    Here's a bit of honesty for you that you likely won't hear from other pest control companies... 60 days, period. Although products are labeled for 90 days, this time period is in a climate controlled laboratory environment. In reality, products begin to breakdown after 60 days, so this is why we offer every other month services. The real enemy for insecticides isn't rain, it's sunlight. Ultraviolet light from the Sun breaks down insecticides quickly and without mercy, so it's vital to keep them replenished and working strong. As for rodent bait, it begins to rot or mold in our wet weather after about two months, so it too must be changed every other month to keep it fresh and palatable to rodents. We do offer monthly services, but only in the case of major infestations.
  • Can't I Just Do It Myself and Save Money?
    This is a hot-button topic but one that we hear a lot. Yes, you are absolutely free to perform your own pest control, however, you will not achieve the same results as a professional and you'll be putting yourself, your family, and your pets at risk. By hiring a professional, you're paying for experience, better and safer products, but most of all you're getting peace of mind. We at Beeline Pest Services hold multiple licenses and have completed countless hours (now totaling years) of continued training in order to perform our duties. We know how to properly identify pests and to match them with the proper products to control them without putting anyone in danger. Over the counter products fall under two categories: Unsafe or ineffective -- often times both. If you absolutely feel the need to do it yourself, at least call us and we can provide you with the knowledge you'll need do so safely and effectively.
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